It is a three-dimensional combination of appropriate shore (Onshore, Near-shore, and Offshore), availability of skill set in the destination, and the optimum infrastructure (e.g., IP Regulation, Cyber rules, etc.) of the destination location.

It is Customer-driven and customer-needs aware Methodology and not a generic offshore. Customers can choose a multi-location outsourcing strategy focusing on which location can best deliver a particular piece of work.

It is very conducive to those customers who additionally require IP Security. It does not tie a customer to a specific location; instead, it allows them to choose a location based on the work to be outsourced.

Benefits of Safeshore Methodology

  • Determination of the effective engagement execution game plan
  • IP protection / data privacy
  • Availability of skilled resources with appropriate efficiency and work attitude
  • The sound legal framework of the country
  • Sustainable model
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
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