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Nityo Infotech has partnered with HackerTrail in order to help in sourcing IT and technology professionals from multiple locations and help them connect with businesses that best match their talents. The collaboration emphasizes offering recruitment solutions to companies through the effective and systematic use of data-driven technology solutions in tandem with working in partnership with the clients to identify techies who have the right skills and are aligned with the organization's culture, vision, and values. It ultimately boosts overall organizational growth.

Why HackerTrail?

Staffing / Permanent Contract
We help you uncover and curate talent from multiple channels and candidates from over 80 countries.
Recruitment Events
Meet a pool of curated candidates in one day, allowing you to choose the right workforce to scale up your business.
Technical Assessments
Evaluate candidates based on 100+ tech-related skills.

Hackertrail Offerings


Hire Talent

Hackertrail aims to simplify things by tapping into our growing community of techies and employing proprietary relevance algorithms and machine learning models to source the right talent for you.


Assess Talent

Hackertrail allows you to test your applicants based on the required skills. With support on over 90+ tech skills, Hackertrail makes sure the talent you hire best fits your needs.


Attract Talent

With the help of Hackertrail, you can showcase how you're different, what your EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is, and how you can support techies at any stage of their career.

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