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Nityo Infotech, along with AiDA, is aimed to power leading tier-1 insurance companies and banks with a strategic combination of Niche Technical Talent, Proprietary Technology, Financial Expertise, and Customer Centricity. Together, their multi-award-winning proprietary machine learning technology delivers innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions, driving results across all organizational levels for insurance companies and banks. The clients have been able to accelerate claims and lending processes, identify revenue potentials, drive cost reductions, and anticipate evolving risks.

Why Us?

Niche Technical Talent
Niche Technical Talent means having experience and expertise in a specific niche that makes it for you to solve any given challenge from that specific niche. This ensures guaranteed success.
Proprietary Technology
Proprietary technology involves an application, tool, or system that belongs exclusively to a specific organization.
Financial Expertise
Effective management of finances is crucial for every business, and Aida's financial experts offer you insights about the optimum utilization of your finances.
Customer Centricity
The customer is the king, and the only way to achieve organizational growth and success is by understanding and satisfying their needs and working towards offering a better customer experience

Our Offerings


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Product Suite

The intelligent AI and ML suite helps leading insurance companies and banks in the financial service industry with the tools they require to accelerate processes. Identify revenue, drive cost reductions, and anticipate evolved risks.


Rapid Pilots

The Rapid Pilots service is intended for insurers seeking to improve a company's operational efficiency and cost management like Claims Managers, Cost Containment Managers, Fraud/ Leakage Prevention Managers, and many more.


Smart Fraud

This tool offers a real-time and highly accurate fraud detection and risk management service that detects and prevents fraud, waste, and abuse in medical insurance claims.

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