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Enhance Your Recruitment Process

Human resources are the fuel that runs any organization; finding the right person for the right job requires time, effort & precision. Nityo Infotech can be your trusted partner for all staffing requirements like Headhunting, Outsourcing & Payroll Service Management.

Benefits of Outsourcing Professional and Managed Services


In the world of IT, project-based requirements are predominant. The need for human resources expands and shrinks per the project's needs. Nityo enables you to hire contractual resources through our outsourcing service for as long as your project requires. We take the entire responsibility for the candidate and provide a guarantee for the entire contract duration.

Increases Efficiency and Saves Time

By outsourcing your payroll, you are not only accessible up administrative time for your employees also gain the added benefit of having payroll services experts, efficiently handling employee queries ensuring your staff is focused on business operations and not payroll.

Realize Cost Benefits

Processing in-house payroll has a direct business cost attributed to the financing of a payroll team for payroll processing, maintaining payroll software, managing employee queries and pay conditions. This can be reduced by outsourcing to a Payroll Service provider.

Efficiently Leverage New Technology

Outsourcing the payroll function compounds this advantage further. As payroll software is commonly coupled with HR software, employee onboarding and contracts can now be managed digitally. Payroll and Automatic Modern Award interpretation can be managed by an expert remotely; all within the same ecosystem.

Outsourced Professional and Managed Services

Hire Talent

Finding the right person for your business can be a daunting process. This is true when hiring tech professionals with various existing skills and nuances. That is why at Nityo, we aim to simplify things by tapping into our growing community of techies and employing proprietary relevance algorithms and machine learning models to source the right talent for you.

Assess Talent

How do you ensure to get an ideal job talent?
Test their skillset through the Nityo's Technical Assessment process; globally supporting over 90+ different tech skills.

Service Models


Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation can help businesses reduce these upfront recruitment costs and shorten the time to fill talent gaps. However, before you adopt this model, it is imperative to know precisely what it is, when it's appropriate to use, and how you can put it into practice to see the most significant benefit for your organization's recruitment strategy


IT Outsourcing

Project-based staffing requirements are volatile and require contractual resources ranging from 3 months to 2 years. This model is widely adopted and chosen by the tech world as it allows them to expand and shrink operational cost without getting into compliance hassles.



Offshoring is transferring activities or ownership of a complete organizational process to a different country from where the company receiving the services is located.


Onsite Managed Services

Service Support is primarily concerned with ensuring access to the appropriate services to support the business functions.


Onsite Mixed Mode Model

Based on customer size and requirements, Nityo provides professional services via a mix of staff augmentation, AMS, customer-managed, and on-call services.


Safeshore Model

A mix of onsite and offsite/shore teams aimed at achieving optimized TCO. Governance lies with Nityo, who manages customer satisfaction and SLAs.


Off-site/Offshore model

Nityo provides a virtual team that reports to customer PMs.


Mixed Model

Nityo team comprises onsite resources and a virtual team working with and for the customer; management/ governance lies with the customer.

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