Geographic information system

Geographic information system

Nityo Infotech has partnered with MapInfo to offer a complete desktop mapping solution for the geographic information system analyst to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, and output data, revealing relationships, patterns and trends for better decision-making. The collaboration allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolizing features and creating maps. Additionally, MapInfo's extreme processing speeds and highly intuitive design help you reach business decisions sooner.

Why Us?

Web Services for Drive Times and Geocoding
Online drive-time and geocoding services need no installation or up-front investment. These web services make it effortless to quickly geocode tables of addresses and achieve drive-time or drive-distance boundaries.
Bigger Data Files
Work with big TAB files to tackle your significant data challenges. Visualize information across nations and continents without dividing data into multiple tables.
Improved Performance
A more thoughtful way of effectively managing indices on TAB files makes table deletion and update operations quicker. The speed of queries and selections is relatively faster, especially when dealing with large number of records.
Unicode Support
With support for UTF-8 and UTF-16, maps and tables can now support multiple languages. Multilanguage tables will be appropriately displayed in browsers, the Info Tool, maps, etc. You can also mix data from various character sets on the same map.
GeoPackage Format
Read and write data into the universal GeoPackage data format. This allows for various tables to be stored in a single file. You can share data with other Pitney Bowes products, GIS systems, and spatial technologies

Our Offerings


Ribbon Menu Customization

New customization options let you accurately optimize ribbon menus for layout and use, making it easier to explore your data interactively.


Map Toolbar Customization

New customizable mini-toolbars allow you to access the most-used commands quickly, with just a right-click, to work more efficiently.


Advanced Raster Capabilities

The multi-resolution raster (MRR) file format in MapInfo ProTM Advanced can handle massive datasets, rendering terabyte-scale images with fantastic speed.


Hotkey Improvements

Click Esc to revert to the "select" pointer from any frequently used tool. There's no need to reset using ribbons or toolbars.


Interactive Individual Values

Establish and manipulate themes to arrive at the views you need. Thematic Mapping displays include interactive drop-down menus that allow you to change theme variables.


Undo/ Redo Operations

Within the layout window, you can correct mistakes in an instant. Familiar multi-step undo/redo functionality updates operations, including add, delete, move, and resize of layout objects (maps, images, and text), etc.

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