A Bank in Any App

A Bank in Any App

Nityo Infotech partnered with Matchmove to move money locally and globally in a safe and compliant way to offer fully managed services and developer-friendly features that connect consumers, financial institutions, and merchants, enabling clients to bring their innovative services and products from idea to market in recorded time. The collaboration facilitates users with a leading edge in financial technology, allowing clients to maintain an edge in their industries.

Why Matchmove?

Matchmove offers your customers cash balances on a safe and secure platform. Your customers can enjoy multiple benefits like digitizing cash management instantly, effectively managing costs, reducing bank fees, creating customer stickiness, and performing instant virtual account issuance.
Organizations of all sizes can make safe and low-cost remittances worldwide with Matchmove. Customers can deliver real-time digital cash transfers to virtual accounts, digital wallets, and traditional bank accounts.
Offer loans directly to small and medium-scaled companies, consumers, and employees, through automated credit processes made straightforward with Matchmove. It helps in fast and safe loan disbursements, instant virtual account issuance, loan disbursement automation, and customer spend analytics for loan recovery.

Our Offerings


Expense Management

Reduce time, effort, and overheads of manual cash processing and bring efficiency to your business by digitizing corporate expense management. Corporates use MatchMove to digitize salaries, incentives, and expense payouts to employees and vendors.


Digital Banking

Digitize and automate your users' banking needs with your next-generation bank-grade wallet plus card. Offer consumers and employees a better, more seamless experience than traditional banks. Many businesses now use the MatchMove solution to offer their users virtual accounts and cards to quickly carry out payments and other financial transactions within their apps.



Understand your customer's needs, drive more profound and richer customer engagement, and grow your revenue. Our solution is the creation of customizable virtual loyalty cards, where customers simply download your app, after which you issue them virtual cards, which they can use for online purchases.


Send Money Overseas

A fast and efficient way for businesses to enable real-time digital cash transfers with virtual accounts and prepaid cards. MatchMove provides customers and employees with a safer, more accessible, and faster way to send money overseas.


Lending and Repayment

Digitize the lending process and provide customers with a convenient, end-to-end digital experience when borrowing money and repaying loans. MatchMove helps lenders seamlessly take the whole lending process online by digitizing disbursements through secure digital wallets and virtual accounts. We also help established companies provide loans to qualified employees fast, digitally and compliantly.


SME Lending

Lending businesses use MatchMove bank-grade solutions to digitalize disbursement and provide customers faster, safer and easier access to capital. This saves the company time and money, enabling them to grow and scale rapidly. In addition, MatchMove provides lending businesses with valuable analytics on customer spending and sends patterns, usage and transaction level details, helping them with better risk scoring and loan recovery.

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