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Integrated Strategic Solutions eliminate inadequacies in today's competitive market. Nityo addresses clients who want to eliminate operational inadequacies and build strategic solutions (Consulting, IT, BPO) for long-term competitive gains. Our innovative, accelerated Business Transformation approaches drive measurable improvements in critical metrics such as Free Cash Flow and Return on Equity.

Consultation Process

Define the Problem

During this first step, we clarify the clients' actual problems. Usually, we present the problem as a question to which the client would like us to find an answer. This enables us to develop a list of the information you require to answer the question.

Structure The Problem

After defining the problem, we will structure and disaggregate it to make it more manageable to solve. Usually, this is done by setting up an issue tree that divides the problem into its parts and provides a good overview for your consulting team and your client.

Prioritize Issues

After defining and structuring the problem, we will prioritize the different elements of the problem by determining which elements are most vital to the problem or most likely to shed light on the solution to the problem.

Analysis Plan and Work Plan

During this step, we develop a list of the pieces of analysis that you wish to conduct based on your prioritization of issues in the previous step. Another aspect of this step is setting up a work plan to decide upon the work distribution and deadlines.

Conduct an Analysis

During this step, we will do the groundwork for the consulting project. The previous steps were used to prepare for this step. Undertaking the analysis means that each team member starts working on their tasks. This stage includes interviews, client workshops, data analysis, research, etc.

Synthesis Findings

During this step, we'll combine all the results from various analysis pieces and try to fetch insights by relating the results to the problem statement derived during the initial step of the framework.

Develop Recommendations

During this last step of the 7-step framework, we will use your synthesis from the previous step to develop recommendations for your client. These recommendations should answer the problem statement we developed at the beginning of the project together with the client. Moreover, the recommendations should be backed up by a set of conclusions, each of which should be backed up by a set of findings (drawn from the analysis you conducted previously).

Consulting Service Offerings


Business Transformation

Nityo offers business advisory services with suitable execution models to aid companies in leveraging the benefit of our expertise and the innate strengths of the company. With extensive experience and expertise in multiple sectors and domains, Business Transformation builds and delivers transformational, strategic, business-focused solutions to our client's top management.


Process Excellence

Business-driven transformations coupled with technology are the means to redefine organizational relationships and change the processes through which they interact. Nityo's Process Excellence Consulting helps organizations deal with today's economic climate pressures.


Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Enterprises today focus on the long-term capability of the IT Architecture (applications, technology platforms, data, and infrastructure), keeping in mind the volatile market dynamics and emerging business models. Nityo collaborates with a master plan which facilitates complete Enterprise Architecture (EA) that effectively links business strategy, business processes, applications, information entities, and infrastructure to drive business alignment, agility, interoperability, and resource management and to reduce 'total cost of ownership' (TCO).


Functional Excellence

Nityo offers Function Excellence solutions designed to increase stakeholder value by improving the business life cycle across strategy, people, processes, and technology. The FE practice is a team of expert consultants with deep functional knowledge and significant experience delivering consulting engagements across various industries. Nityo has designed and deployed solutions that identify opportunities to unlock enterprise value and decrease the time to benefits realization while balancing cost constraints.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) practice assists organizations in transforming their risk and security processes by combining regulatory compliance with the convergence of traditional security and risk management, providing adequate enterprise-wide security. Our vision is to help CXOs focus on integrated risk management to simplify decision-making through quantifiable security key performance metrics. GRC practice offers services across risk consulting, compliance consulting, security governance consulting, security strategy, and architecture.


Government Consulting

Government agencies strive to maintain a streamlined process in delivering services to their citizens as they widen their scope of work. The need for responsiveness and transparency is relatively high in this sector, and there needs to be a mechanism through which every citizen's need can be met in the shortest possible time. Nityo Government Consulting practice helps government agencies enhance their service delivery concerning national security, educational systems, social welfare programs, and archiving of land titles. We also address the growing need for technology by the various government departments through our Business Process and Systems Integration services.

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