Run As A Service

  • Providing reduced "business as usual" IT run costs
  • Nityo "guarantees run cost savings" with improved service levels
  • Free up / backfill key internal talent to focus on innovation & growth
  • Access to a dynamic external pool of expertise as & when needed
  • Shift fixed costs to more dynamic variable cost structures

Innovate To Grow

  • Drive innovative programs aided by reduced IT BAU / run costs
  • Rapidly Implement the best innovative products, services & solutions
  • Leverage the best external expertise exactly when needed via flexible and scalable implementation models
  • Key Internal staff free to design & oversee successful innovation

Growth As Service

  • Co-invest in value creation and customer growth initiatives
  • IT & business specialized services and recruitment process sourcing (RPO) services, leveraging digital/cloud services
  • A flexible mix of specialized and shared services enables strategy, process, and technology transformation
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