Data Analytics

Unravel the hidden potential of your data to solve your business problems

Transform how you run your business by ensuring that your decisions are supported by facts rather than merely irrational speculation or a reaction to your rivals. You can transform the customer experience, product support, and supply chain management with the proper combination of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, giving your company a competitive edge in today’s extremely dynamic market. When you work with us, you have access to data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals and the tried-and-true methodologies and tools needed for implementation success. You can think of us as your one-stop data shop for all the analytics tools required to become a data-inspired organization.

Our Data Science expertise has helped build customer acquisition & retention, customer lifetime value, credit risk, credit rating, demand forecasting, supply chain and logistics management, pricing, and offer optimization.

Nityo Infotech has worked for multiple industries to improve customer loyalty, minimize operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and maximize profitability.

Data Analytics Offerings


Data Integration

Digitalization, management And consolidation of the data sources.


BI & Data Visualization

Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Reporting & Dashboards, Scorecard.


Data Harmonisation & Cleaning

Ensure data assessment & portfolio health check. Data migration, quality check/validation.


Data Warehouse

Extract Transfer & Load, Data Staging, Data Model


Predictive Analysis

Big Data Diagnostics, Descriptive, Prescriptive & Predictive Analytics, Forecasting Models


Strategy & Consultation

Strategic decisions, consultation, and business plan of action.

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